Private Policy

June 2, 2004
Revised on October 2, 2017

Virtualex Consulting, Inc.
Hayato Maruyama, President

Virtualex Consulting, Inc. advocates a company policy that provides service with "Consultation," "Technology" and "Outsourcing" combined and innovates customer contact of a client company (interactive). We always perform operations that deeply involve the personal information of customers. Under such circumstances, these days, with all companies like ours, leakage of personal information from companies handling customer information has become a society-wide concern. We conduct our operations paying strict attention to the protection of customer information. Furthermore, we declare that we abide by an established in-house privacy policy and our executive officers and employees understand the policy and behave in a disciplined manner based on the policy.

1. Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information

We acquire personal information after clarifying the purpose of use and use it only within the scope of the purpose. We clearly identify the purpose of use on the management record of personal information and establish and implement a confirmation procedure to prevent the information from being used beyond the scope of purpose at the responsibility of each section handling the personal information. We have prepared an internal management system and take safety control measures to prevent our employees from using personal information beyond the scope of purpose of use. We do not disclose or provide data to any third party except in the case where customer consent is obtained.

2. Management and Protection of Personal Information

We shall strictly manage personal information and take safety control measures necessary for prevention of leakage, loss and damage of personal information. We have established and implement a procedure to prevent problems from occurring, and if a problem should occur, we will immediately take corrective actions for prevention of reoccurrence.

3. Governing Laws, etc.

We comply with laws and regulations applied in handling of personal information held by us, policies and other standards specified by each country.

4. Handling of Inquiries and Complaints

We have prepared a system and procedures for acceptance and handling of inquiries and complaints for personal information held by us and handle them immediately.

5. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System and Mechanism

We continuously improve our personal information protection management system and mechanisms. Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Desk

Tel.: +81-3-3578-5300
Hours: Weekdays 09:00 ? 18:00 (Except year-end and New Year's holidays)

Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We use personal information within the scope necessary for the following purposes of use. In the event that there is a need to acquire personal information for any purpose other than the following purposes, we will clearly identify the purpose for acquiring information in each case. And in principle, details of inquiries to us and information on access to our website may be recorded in writing, by voice or electronic methods to improve handling quality and customer satisfaction.

  • 1.For contact and introductory materials and guidelines, etc., on our operation activities
  • 2. For guidelines on our product/service procurement activities
  • 3. For fulfillment of stock management and stock rights and obligations and guidelines on stock information
  • 4. For handling of inquiries on our service, website and other explanations
  • 5. For provision of information on events, seminars and services (products) that we are involved in by direct mail, e-mail and telephone, etc.
  • 6. For our questionnaire survey Acquisition of information by means that a customer cannot easily recognize

Acquisition of information by means that a customer cannot easily recognize

To make up information on access to our Web pages, we obtain access logs using the cookies function when a customer visits our website.

Although cookies are recorded in the computer of a user when he/she visits a website, the recorded information does not identify an individual.
And for access logs, we use them within the appropriate scope to collect information on a customer's pathway to our website and frequency of browsing it. These do not breach a customer's privacy and does no adversely impact a customer's computer.
And please note that if "Disable cookies" is selected in your browser setting, you may not receive our services in a normal manner.

Operations entrusted from a client company

If we acquire personal information from a client company to perform operations, we use such personal information to respond to inquiries from customers and properly handle the information. To improve customer satisfaction by call confirmation and evaluation/training of handling quality, the conversation between a customer and a client company entrusted with the phone service may be recorded in writing, by voice or electronic methods.

Security Control and Provision to Third Party of Personal Information

We appropriately and strictly manage personal information that we acquire and do not provide such information to any third party except in any of the following cases:

  • 1.If the consent of the person is obtained
  • 2.If it is under laws and regulations合
  • 3.If it is particularly necessary for improvement of public health or promotion of sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  • 4.If it is necessary for protection of life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  • 5.If cooperation is necessary for a national agency, local government, or entrusted person to implement the affairs as prescribed by laws and regulations and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person

Disclosure Requests of Held Personal Data, etc.

If a customer allows us to disclose, etc., the personal data held by us (*retained personal data), we shall handle such data in accordance with our prescribed procedures. As for application such as disclosure from a customer, fill out a personal information inquiry sheet and then send it to our company. On receipt of the sheet, we will contact you again.

Personal Information Inquiry Sheet.pdf (7.7KB)

To : Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Desk, Virtualex Consulting, Inc.

Address : FKamiya-cho Central Place 8th Floor
3-13, Toranomon 4-Chome, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

If you have any questions regarding the procedures for request for disclosure, correction, etc., or any other questions, please contact the consulting counter below.

Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Desk
Tel.: +81-3-3578-5300
Hours: Weekdays 09:00 ? 18:00 (Except year-end and New Year's holidays)

*"Held personal data" means personal data that a business operator handling personal information has received authorization to make disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of the content, suspension and deletion of use, and suspension of providing any third party with the data (Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Paragraph 5 of Article 2).

October 2, 2017
Virtualex Consulting, Inc.
Masaru Kuroda, General Manager
For Personal Information Protection