Company Outline

A new type of consulting that provides you with business results.

About Virtualex Consulting

What we have been aiming at since the foundation of our business can be summarized in the expression "New Consulting."

Conventional consulting firms focus on creating plans and offering advice. When an economy is in the period of steady growth, these functions and roles are required. In Japan, however, where we have entered the period of maturity, the business environment changes rapidly and perplexity, and the conventional consulting style is unable to make a true contribution to client companies.

As a means of achieving our wish to establish an evolved new form of consulting, we have selected a style that is able to contribute directly to the results of client companies. In addition to accurate consulting that sheds light on the issues of client companies, as the manifestation of our determination we are equipped with unique technology centered on IT and practical measures of outsourcing that mainly comprise contact centers. By constantly providing these three services in an integrated manner, we will create a new form of consulting.

Origin of the Company's Name

The Company name "Virtualex" comprises of the meanings of the two words "Virtual" (factual, substantial) and "X" (unknown quantity).

We have mobilized the expertise and wisdom of each field of consulting, technology and outsourcing and have established a consortium with a client company to take on the challenge of projects with unknown potential. We have included this business policy in our name.

Our Philosophy

By "Creating a business system that satisfies consumers, companies and workers," we contribute to the development of a society with a virtuous cycle, filled with satisfaction from work and satisfaction from consumption.

  • Pursuit of business models with which consumers, companies and workers can be satisfied.
  • Organizational climate in which human resources from a variety of careers/backgrounds can cooperate with each other.
  • Realization of a cycle with which all consumers, companies and workers can be satisfied.

Our Mission

Contribute to the business results of client companies.

  • Provision of services to commit to the resulting value of client companies.
  • Approach of assimilating with client companies and taking charge of part of their businesses.
  • Organization and individuals taking the initiative in the challenges for quests one step ahead.

Our Vision

Become the No.1 optimization company in the field of customer channels.