With the fusion of three core skills, we guide the business to successful results.

To commit to our cause of contributing to the results of client companies, we have developed a unique business model by fusing the three core skills of consulting, technology and outsourcing. We work both as specialists who are equipped with expertise and as generalists who can expand their vision to other fields and work toward them. Because Virtualex Consulting is an organic combination of human resources from these three fields, we are able to provide true reforms to client companies.


The Company has consultants who are familiar with management & businesses, operations & services and information technologies, and are therefore able to deal with a wide variety of areas from planning to operations. In particular, in the fields of CRM and marketing, we have achieved high quality services with approaches backed by extensive performance and experience.


Technological power and development power for contributing to business results have achieved optimal solutions with optimal cost performance. With the contact centers and products and solutions for marketing, we promote the construction and operation of systems with an emphasis on operation efficiency.


We provide efficient operation services based on our accumulated expertise cultivated over many years of contact center operation. We also provide proactive advice on the streamlining of operations that general business operators do not implement to achieve operation that contributes to results by facing in the same direction as our client companies.

Operations up to the introduction of the CRM process and service flow provided by Virtualex.

As we provide our support from the upstream of operations for the introduction of the CRM process, we can support wider areas compared to companies that provide conventional IT services and outsourcing companies. This facilitates a deep understanding of client companies' businesses, the establishment of relationships with those in charge of projects and the acquisition of a sense of security regarding the subsequent phases.